About BR Testing

Our Company

BRT's services focus primarily on energy efficiency. Through this, we aim to improve standards of living and reduce carbon emissions in the UK.

The skills, knowledge and expertise of our employees and Directors allow BRT to test and inspect those which design, install and construct in both the new build and existing build market.


Through this, BRT plays a significant role in establishing standards and quality of workmanship, creating a more comfortable and energy efficient environment in both residential dwelling properties and also in commercial buildings.


A wide range of complimentary service offerings, many years of experience in the energy efficiency sector and excellent product development capabilities, coupled with strategic planning, have enabled the Directors to design bespoke consultancy methodoglogies and services which are now our fastest growing service lines.


Working with our suppliers and customers, BRT provides a wide ranging portfolio of services which improve building design techniques, material usage and construction methods.


Our testing and compliance services, combined with its energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction services provides us with access to all aspects of the new build and existing build refurbishment sectors.


Our range of services extend to pre planning of works, monitoring the implementation of a scheme and, once all works have been completed, reporting and auditing the outcome of projects to ensure deliverables are completed to required standards and data accurately measured and reported.

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